Tuesday, 15 June 2010

2 hours to go...

butterflies in the stomach, headache and trumor... I am freaking out!
Checked and rechecked stuff which I am gonna take with me. Packed and unpacked like 8 times. Believe me, for a girl like me, who takes a big suitcase with cloths for 2 months though she knows the trip will take only 2 weeks, going for 1 month with a backpack is really difficult to imagine! Besides, I will have to carry that pack with me almost all the time!

Ok, calm down...everything is gonna be all right...

Yesterday bought a ticket. 399 euros. 1 month. nice.

Cloths which are at last put:

black shoes to the dress, opened ones
1 jeans
2 t-shirts
1 light brown trousers (length- till knee)
1 light trousers, yellow
2 bras
7 panties
1 scarf
1 blanket
1 more or less closed shoes
2 pairs of socks
1 wool stocking. the weather is gonna be 7 at night in many places, with heavy rain (according to forecast)

1 camera
2 wallets.
1 hidden wallet
made myself a belt, like a money belt but just a belt from a belt. hehe. so just took an ordinary belt 2cm wigth, and made hole for money (if you make them in a shape of tube, they fit). The problem is that I am too skinny to wear hidden belts- they all become unhidden on the surface of my body.
2 credit cards have put in the whole inside bra. Now the shape of my breast n that bra looks like Galliano's conus model made for Madonna. well, handmade is always more appreciated I guess.

1 sunglasses
1 glasses
1 notebook to write there my experience
1 small notebook to write how much money I spent and on what (in a word, to regret in future:))
1 book of Begbeder
several printed sightseeing papers.

Got a "may be" on my request, the first one! So now we have a place to crush in Luxembourg, which is great!

All is set up. So, wish me good luck! And hope our trip is safe and funny!

The world is mine!

Monday, 14 June 2010

1 day to go...

Hey to everyone!

Sorry for English (especially if you find there hue amount of mistakes:)))

Our BIG TRIP is coming!!!!

The plan is: tomorrow at 16.00 we leave from Tampere, make a transfer in Bremen and stop in the final destination- Faro (Portugal). Well, for someone it might be a final destination, but for us it's beginning of the road!!!!

So in 1 hour we go to Tampere to buy tickets to Interrail. Which means (If I understand everything well) that we have a train ticket, and we can use it for 1 month in Europe. Of course, the cheapest trains only:) But Why the Hell would it matter? Come on! Europe, we are coming! We don't know exactly how many countries we will see, but the list for now is:







Czech Republic






Will that happen? We will see! Now checking the site "couchsurfing.com", looking for people who can offer us a couch. somehow I always write "coach" instead of "couch":) Coach in couch:) haha!!!! Just kidding... now when J is in USA, we can travel and have fun, and find a bf to my single friend:)

Step 1: weight in the morning today - 49 kilos.

Step 2: the most important may be: am for now going to spend 1000 euros. 1 month. 1000 euros. possible? we will see!

Tonight will at last check on all the things I have to take. I am planning to take only 1 backpack with 40l capacity, which seemed to be a good plan other than when I am thinking that I am gonna travel for 30 days (!) I have a panic, and want to stuff the backpack with all my dressed, skirts, jeans etc... And as the funding is tight, I will probably have troubles with shopping.

Will take the following drugs:
Rela for stomach
Coldrex from flu
Mukaltin (russian, based on herbs,not harmful for stomach) for caugh
Bafucin mint for sore throat
Golden dragon (russian, based on herbs, not harmful) for stuck nose
Creon for stomach ache
Sulfacid natrium for eyes
Tetraciclin for eyes
Bepanthen for everything:)
Celestoderm for skin allergy (sun burns as well)
Some korean stuff for mosquito bites and irritated skin

Cosmetics taken:
maskara, 2 lip glosses, 1 lipstick, 1 travel pack with shadows and lipsticks.Yes, I love lipsticks!
Creme for under 25 with matt effect Clean line (russian, much better than all those YSL,Lancome, Nivea and Lumene that I tried before. And much cheaper) Cleaning gel
with strawberry "100 recipes of beauty) (russian, very light, cleans without leaving skin feeling dry). Leg creme, in case we walk too long it will ease the tiredness.

2 antibacterial handsprays.

The cloths preparation- in next post!

Have a nice summer everyone! Have fun!!!!!!!!

The world is mine!