Tuesday, 15 June 2010

2 hours to go...

butterflies in the stomach, headache and trumor... I am freaking out!
Checked and rechecked stuff which I am gonna take with me. Packed and unpacked like 8 times. Believe me, for a girl like me, who takes a big suitcase with cloths for 2 months though she knows the trip will take only 2 weeks, going for 1 month with a backpack is really difficult to imagine! Besides, I will have to carry that pack with me almost all the time!

Ok, calm down...everything is gonna be all right...

Yesterday bought a ticket. 399 euros. 1 month. nice.

Cloths which are at last put:

black shoes to the dress, opened ones
1 jeans
2 t-shirts
1 light brown trousers (length- till knee)
1 light trousers, yellow
2 bras
7 panties
1 scarf
1 blanket
1 more or less closed shoes
2 pairs of socks
1 wool stocking. the weather is gonna be 7 at night in many places, with heavy rain (according to forecast)

1 camera
2 wallets.
1 hidden wallet
made myself a belt, like a money belt but just a belt from a belt. hehe. so just took an ordinary belt 2cm wigth, and made hole for money (if you make them in a shape of tube, they fit). The problem is that I am too skinny to wear hidden belts- they all become unhidden on the surface of my body.
2 credit cards have put in the whole inside bra. Now the shape of my breast n that bra looks like Galliano's conus model made for Madonna. well, handmade is always more appreciated I guess.

1 sunglasses
1 glasses
1 notebook to write there my experience
1 small notebook to write how much money I spent and on what (in a word, to regret in future:))
1 book of Begbeder
several printed sightseeing papers.

Got a "may be" on my request, the first one! So now we have a place to crush in Luxembourg, which is great!

All is set up. So, wish me good luck! And hope our trip is safe and funny!

The world is mine!

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