Saturday, 17 July 2010

15th June. day 1

First flight. Tampere-Frankfurt. Quick stop and quick fast food, like brudwurst with french fries. Fries sucked, but sausage was totally worth 7 euros.

Second flight. Frankfurt- Faro( Portugal)
What am I thinking about? I am tired and want to sleep. 7.5 kilos on my back seemed to be light only in the beginning. But otherwise everything is good. Veera happened to be a nice companion and we learned each other, like reading a book. Page by page.

Other than that I am excited and nervous. To person like me, who is used to live in stability and comfort, these 30 days look like hell. However, that is the good experience and that is what makes me to be proud of myself. I did it! "My Big Trip" isn't just one of the words which people throw around like sunflower seeds on the main square in Venice. It is The Reality. But there is no fear, I feel to be opened to new things, new people and believe in my luck.

In Faro went to the hostel, which we booked in advance. 15 euros, room for 2, not bad. Met irish girl Lily, the girl from Luxembourg, and a local guy Robin. Went to local bar, dance, music, drinks and we came back to hostel only at 4 am. It is chilly at night in the hostel, and I again said to myself how smart I am for taking blanket with me. But in general the first day went well

The world is mine!

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