Saturday, 17 July 2010

24th June. Day 10.

Like I said before, after waking up at 6 and checking routes and times for future, I went back to La Rambla, lying down and chilling out. But there was too hot to sleep,I was tired and pissed off ( well, those days I slept like 2-3 hours, walked a lot, got a lot of information, tried new things, met new people). I was waiting there like 6 hours, sometimes walking around with my backpack. But BCN is quite expensive city, besides our plans there was strike in France, so couldn't go to France like planned, but couldn't also afford staying in BCN. so I went to the city close to the border- Portbou.


small town, or village:) with a great view on rocks and sea. Breathtaking view indeed.

Now I am sitting next to the church made in gothic style. The church is situated on the hill so I can see houses down hill and a sea, cafes and rstaurants, roads and people-ants.

My fiction that everything is cheaper in small city was silly. High season, 4 hostels in the town, and 1 of them doesn't work. Rooms only for two with price around 40-50. So I just decided to sleep in the beach again. I clibmed on the stairs searching for locals to learn if there is another hostel and met a guy, Hector. He told me that those hostels are the only ones. I thanked him and was going to go when he asked what I am gonna do.
-Sleep in the beach of course.Is it safe?

-Hm...yes, it is safe, but cold!- answered after hesitation
-Ok then, thanks!

-hey! if you don't find a place, you can sleep one night in my house. I will come from work at 11 p.m. and will go to the beach to give a walk to my 5 dogs, and if you are there, no problem, stay here.
No matter how crazy were my days while travelling in USA, everytime we stayed somewhere there was my dear friend Nasty with me. But well, I decided even before the trip to be opened. And all people deserve a chance- that is what I always believed in. Besides, how the person with 5 dogs can be bad? So I agreed.

I walked around the whole city, having pleasure of everything! Th town was sooo nice, but well 4 hours is enough to walk it through:) so if you ever plan to go there, be ready and don't plan to stay there for a week if you are not gonna just stay on the beach.

At 10 I occupied a place on the beach close to rocks and had a full harmony for myself. Looking on the stars, lying down under black sky with bright stars, thinking of many things, good and not good ones.
Echoes of midsummer fest- still fireworks and damn petards. I thought I have heard my name, but well, still was waiting. 12 p.m. No Hector around. He was right, the sea wind was chilly. Some man walking with a dog asked what I am doing here. "sleeping" was my answer.:) We talked about Finland, he said I can come to sleep in his house if I want, but something made me to hesitate. 1 a.m, me alone. Weigh of chances for good and bad. And here I heard it again "Janee!" Oh mY! Hector:)

He came with dog and we went to his apartment. He said he was looking and screaming many times. So I was right, someone shouted my name.

Something that looked like apartment was a 3 floor flat:) so I have got my fucking whole floor! With My room, My own bathroom, My gym which I didn't use for obvious reasons. I had a nice shower, good chat, although he ddnt speak english much and I dont understand Spanish. so some things we just googled to translate:) almighty internet! We talked untill 3 a.m. and he offered to give me a ride to Cerebre, a city in France nearby.
The world is mine!

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