Monday, 19 July 2010

8th July. Day 24

After having a great breakfast (the tastiest musli I have ever tried!), we decided to stay for 1 more day:)

Andre was sooooooooooo happy!

Therefore we left backpacks again and continued Bernina trip till Tirano, Italy.

But before that our kind Andre took us with a car till Bernina, a place from where opens a great view on mountains with hoar peaks, where white lake is a neighbour of black one...
Tirano is so different from Switzerland. People are smiling, everyone says "Chao":) seemed like everyone was happy there. Cheap coffee for 80 cents (as I remember right:)), churches. Somehow we appeared to be next to some untrodden castle, where had fun and made bunch of pictures, climbed.

Many flowers on boulevards elated me. Remembered the day we were in China, guide was showing some biiiig tree, which was almost 1000 years old, and saying that it blossoms very rarely, like once in 3 or 4 years. There was lonely flower on it. We continued walking in the park, when suddenly the same flower appears to be in front of my face:) You remember, J?:)love you and precious memories about us!

Heading to the train station, we mentioned some pizza place. be in Italy and not to taste pizza? Especially that was the first time Veera was in Italy. So of course we stopped for pizza and wine! And that was the reason why missed the last train from Tirano to St Moritz:=) NOT AGAIN!!!

So could get a train only to Poschiavo, which is like 40 minutes from Tirano. what to do? Wrote message to Andre that we are not gonna make it as we got stuck in Poschiavo. I guess he was laughing:) But he came from St Moritz to there to pick us up!!can you imagine the big heart of this man? even meeting him makes me be proud of the humanity, how big people you can meet if you open your heart!

We were really ashamed to say to him we were late for train because of pizza:(
Of course, he was laughing at us very much as we had through the whole trip quite an experience in missing trains or taking wrong ones:))
One more barbeque in Switzerland, next to the lake. Wow! But what was after was even WOWer! Going down with bicycle on mountain road, when you cannot see fucking anything! Just see the shape of the track, because it is just a little bit lighter. All senses to the max, praying while riding, difficult to stop and turn, fear and drive at the same time, the feeling of freedom makes me dizzy. I want to leave bike's rudder and fly! Thanks God, I didn't fly from bike:9
So much to remember... our nice chatting in the evening, disputing about people and problems.
Oh, Big Time!
If I go again to Switzerland, would love to go there again!!!
The world is mine!

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