Sunday, 18 July 2010

27th June. Day 13

The second attempt to go to "Crime and punishment", and this time it worked:)

The exhibition was different, nice and quite interesting. After that walking and walking again:)

Went to Monmartre.

Miguelito made me great surprise- he sent a message he is coming to Paris! That was unexpected, and that was really nice.

Met with Miguel next to Louvre and went to eat something. Flans and crepes were soooooo gooood...He was with his friends, Fredy and Ilanda, very nice people, who spoke mostly Spanish though:( We had plans to go to picnic, and that was a reason why we could not attend Bosa Nova Concert. However, we have a plan to meet up later.

After that we bought some cheaps in metro:) and went to picnic next to Eifel tower.

oh, that was so beautiful! Locals everywhere, the grass is yellow and dry because of many people sitting there. Peace memorial next.

By coincidence met some friends of Yann and sat with them. Wine, french sausages, cherries, baget and cheese made everyone to relax more. Played with colorful helicopters, made footage dancing swing dance next to tower again by accompaniment of Veera's singin:), laughed and had fun.

After picnic it took us long 1 hour to get to Arc de Triumph when Miguel called again and asked to come to Moulin Rouge.

and here it begins...

Miguel gave us the wrong name of metro station. Then said it will take him 30 minutes to come to where we are. We gave up on meeting and went to metro, when... Surprise, surprise, the metro has closed. So no meeting with Miguel and his friends, as Yann had to go to work at 7, we should have gone to his place to pack and sleep.

We asked some girls how to get to Yann, they of course tried to help us, and we ended up in being even farther from where we had to go to:=) 1 more bus. Drunk people, long lines, strong smell of alcohol. awful.

At 3 a.m. we understood that this is bullshit and decided to take a taxi. Haha, not so fast...
-Hello! we want to go to this address, - showing him address on piece of paper. Though already after my HELLO taxi driver looked laim.
- Oh, this is just 10 minutes by walk, you dont need a taxi, I will have to go around and you can alk straight...

....very nice...

crossing the road in search of more friendly taxi. Taxi and 2 drivers. The same story. "It will take like 20 minutes".

Ok, guys, whatever, decided to go by feet and, of course, got lost:) I see a young man coming our way. I go to him, he goes towards me and the first his words were spoken with a smile "You are lost!":)


Young, drunk, with a pack ( I guess there were socks and beer:)), he said he is walking the whole night, because his cousin is in love, and he wants to give love birds privacy. He was realy funny uy talking to us sometimes in french as his english wasn' so good.

Was really great to meet him, because it took us more than hour to get to place on the streets, where some black guys looked at us suspiciously. So in some point he was our angel:)

Absolutely exhausted, sweatened, sleepy, we came to Yann's place at 4.30,went to sleep at 5 after warm shower, refreshed and just felt asleep
The world is mine!

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