Monday, 19 July 2010

5th July. Day 21

The next morning we spent in the hospital. I have got after recent not the best events some allergy. First I thought they are mosquito bites, but Milya said she had the same at time of her exams. So if you guys get at some point sores, which are of bigger area than a mosquito bite, they also appear usually parallelly meaning that you get 1 sore on 1 leg, than almost at the same place different leg, than around the first sore and so on.

So first we went to the best hospital which was in university. That was funny:) i talked to woman in the reception, and she said that dermatologist is not available as an emergency doctor, that he os very busy etc. she gave address of another hospital, Nicolo started to speak swiss to her and then they both laughed. Apparently, the doctor is "too busy to look at me" because he had lunch:)

30 minutes later we went to different hospital. waiting, waiting, several times woman on reception told me I have to pay for it, may be I looked like i have no money:)

At last, doctor. Many question, a serious face with "hm..." and many pauses... But when I asked him what is wrong with me, he said "I have no idea". So he invited a dermatologist in his room. she came, the same face and same "dunno". So he took my blood test, told me to wait. So in more than hour i got the answer- he still doesn't know what is with me, blood test is perfect. Oh, his guess was that it is some insect's bites. So he assumed every night some insect is biting me:) and not Veera as she didn't have any bites:) Every night! In different beds! Each bad of each host has some the same insect, right?

So he just gave me creme and pills from allergy and said kindly "If it doesn't help and you go to hospital in Berlin, call me to tell what it was". This is what cost me 128 euros. And lots of time...

Lunch in Macdonalds, some hamburger which is different then in Finland. Quite good, by the way.

In the evening our kind Nicolo gave all instructions how to take Albula (Bernina) trip. He offered to call his body so that we can stay with him for 1 night, that was very nice! We really appreciated it.
So first of all we went to Vaduz, the capital of Liechtenstein. Realy small city:) 4 hours is way enough to see it I guess. I kinda noticed the difference with Switzerland. Small, but sunny. But strangely in the air was smell of fertilizers. Or just cow's sh----- simply:)

Sebastian:=) The one we met already the day we came. Veera was afraid to go to his place becase he was asking her many questions:) But I always am opened to meet new people and give them chance to meet me:) Thus, at night we came to Chur, the city from where I met so great people.

Sebastian came to the train station to meet us. Intelligent, easy going, he is also passionate with architecture, like Nicolo. He was in the house with his girlfriend, smiley and cheerful, cute Nina. They looked so pretty with each other, arguing about our trip trying to give the best road:)
Sleeping in comfortable bed with awesome thick, airy blankets....m..
The world is mine!

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