Saturday, 17 July 2010

17th June. Day 3

Woke up, let luggage in a hostel and went to explore.
Like one host adviced, decided to go to Belem.

So, first visited some nice basilica,
went to tower to see the city from up, walked in the shore by street musicians and castles. The weather was so hot, so we decided just to go to the beach.
Walking, walking in search of train to beach...asked 2 guys about direction, and they offered to give us a ride.
Sea was cold, but we anyway swam a little bit. Found a nice restaurant in the beach and tried local food- cod fish and sardines. Fish was fat, sardines salty, but wine was good:)

In the afternoon returned to city to take tram number 29, famous with sightseeing. The view was good, met local guy, who gave us a good advice- so following it went to the cafe on the top of hill, from where you can see the whole city, red roofs of bildings. We took a Green wine and enjoyed a beautiful sunset.
After sunset back to hostel and to train station, where took the night train to Madrid from Lisbon. Seat with bed 30 euros, sitting place 6. So guess what we chose:)

The world is mine!

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