Sunday, 18 July 2010

30th June. Day 16

We woke up at 1!!Can you imagine?? Probably were too tired:) all our plans about going to Brussel crushed, but at least we had a good sleep:)

So instead of going to Brussels we went to Brugge.

Cow, grass, small houses. This city is called to be "a small Venice"

Brugge is nice city. I liked it. Narrow streets, houses half in water, the oldest house dated by 15th century. We took a guiding tour by boat, and the guide was so funny:) The he spoke was hilarious, and we laughed or smiled sometimes. Have seen a smallest spy window, which was like 1 brick, masquot of city- bear.

Horses running on the streets everywhere, in some places it is hard to breath because of smell of horses s...A big difference between Paris- people in brugge are friendly,helpful and smiling a lot!

The world is mine!

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