Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Walking through life with small steps...

Life after trip.

Now living again in Finland, Viiala.

Don't host anyone as not having my own place yet.

Waiting for J to come from USA to start new life somewhere. Far. Soon. Almost circling numbers on calendar but it is still so long until 19th August.

Took me 3 days to write 32 days plus extracts to my blog. Don't mention if you find many mistakes as most of hosts were written like now, at 4.14 a.m:) If you have some corrections on my mistakes, questions, personal questions, comments, leave here or send to

So what am I doing except writing blog?
Sleeping much,
eating much,
listening to music from grooveshark,
keeping in touch with people I met,
sending photos to acquaintances, uploding pictures in vkontakte and facebook,
watched all series of Naruto and Bleach,
going to summer house (like today, was soooooo great) and to Pori Jazz Festival (like tomorrow.Oh Big Time!),
chatting with my family and friends, mostly in russian:)


The world is mine!!!

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