Saturday, 17 July 2010

25th June.Day 11

On my waking up on the table coffee, orange uice,some sweets waited for me:)

so we packed and went with Hector's car to Cerebre. Well, again "If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans".

The police stopped the car, frenchmen searched it on drugs etc, the verdict was: this car doesnt go anywhere as tired are n bad shape!

So police guy with a wide smile offered me to walk:) But well he joked around as it would take me like 2 hours in the mountain road. So he stopped a car, with 80 year old man from Lille:) So the whole way we were admiring french views, listening to twist and Elvis Prestley. So he gave me a ride to Perpignon, much farther than Cerebre:)
From there to Nimes and then to Paris.

The first obstacle in Paris- metro. People didn't speak english so much, so it took me half an hour to find place where to buy tickets without credit card. There are many tocket machines, where you can buy metro ticket using your card, but not so many people knew wher to get ticket using cash. unbelievable! After looking around found in the corner glass kiosk, woman inside wasn't that friendly, but anyway sold a ticket to me. Thanks at least for that:)

Yann met me next to the metro stop and it took us like 7 minutes to get to his place.

Quite nice and cozy, comfy couch (the most important:)) He made a good salad, we drank BCN beer (Estrella, which I took with me), he offered me a really good "french beer", which appeared to be belgian (we found out another day). Yann invited me to party, but I was too disappoined with some occasions and pissed off to go partying, so just trid to relax, took shower and went to sleep.
The world is mine!

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