Saturday, 17 July 2010

23d June. Day 9

Чем пахнет Барселона? Кофе и дорогими мужскими духами. Терпкие и мужественные. Такое чувство, что у всех мужчин они один и те же. Сигаретами и ванилью.
Rambla de Lar- потрясающе красивое место. Порт, вода, канатная дорона, солнце, рыбы, парочки лежат тут и там. Огромное количество людей на мосту, но в то же время чувство гармонии и одиночества. Здесь все более умиротворенно. Спокойно. Красиво.
Занимательная фигура человека, который стоит на лодке и смотрит вверх. Вверх, в небо. С широко открытыми глазами наблюдает он за тем, что за облаками. Легкий бриз обдувает лицо, солнце нежно ласкает щеки.
Вот она какая, моя Барселона.

Woke up at 7. Unfuckingbelievale.
From nothing to do went to wake up Jordan.

I don't know about you, people, but if I go to sleep at 4 and someone wakes me up at 7, I am definitely bloody angry. Once I even broke my phone smashing it to the wall when people called and called and called. That is why I hesitated for a while to wake Jordan up. But then I thought he offered himself, came to his bed and shaked his hand a little bit. I was expecting any reaction, from "fuck you" and "go to hell" to "sorry, Jane, i want to sleep please". But he amazed me. So, Jordan opened his eyes, smiled to me, slowly hugged me and said "Good morning, Jane". Unbloodybelievable... I shyly offered to walk a bit,he smiled again and said he will be ready in 5. Can you believe that?

I think everyday should be started with hugs. They raise mood and give energy!
Also Danielito made my day writing a great reference like "She's the kind of person with whom you would enjoy being stuck in a lift for 8hrs. Why? Just look at her name. 'JANE - joyful and naturally enlightened'"
So they both totally made my day:)

While I was having my breakfast he came down with his backpack and belongings. I asked from the reception guy if I can leave my stuff, it cost me 1.2 euros:) as the system was automatic. But much better than 3,4 etc in the train station.

We walked a bit, then sat on the square and he wrote me a short story as a memory. An hour later i saw him off his bus and he went back to Prague by plane.

However, my day approached and I had to move forward.
So I cheated a bit with my ticket (the bus ticket for 1 day is 22 euros. too much, so I used it also the other day:=)Again hipping on and off. Visiting olympic stadium, parks, museums, stadiums,squares,beaches, trade enter looking like egg, Gaudi's basilica, doom and gothic places. OMG! Although it was quite expensive (16 euros if you take 1 day bus), visited Gaudi's house. That was something... Veera said later she didnt like it on my photos. And that is the thing about it- you can love it, you can dislike it, but you cannot ignore it, because it is simply too different. yes, here are many houses in gothic styles, fashionable houses,basilicas, but never I have seen a house where there are almost no straight lines. And yes, it is waste of space, it is dificult to design it, but I would realy love my own house to be like that!:)too much I want, I know. He didnt make only houses,but also furniture. Chairs, hard to move cuz they are made of solid wood,but fucking comfy ones!!Yes, you can also try and sit there:=) Then went to some famous food market and understood why it is famous. You can find everything there and it is simply awesome! again performers in La Rambla made me smile, especially the invisible man, who was insisting on me kissing him, so well...had to kiss him!:) (see photo)
After that went to the park Guel. A beautiful one, again some buldings were designed by Gaudi. Met a guy from Chile, Cristobal, who is working in the ship standing on the harbour and had to leave soon. But we anyway made nice photos together and chatted about some things.
Also had time to enjoy the real flamenko show, spanish songs and the play on spanish guitar. So much of passion!!!!! That was incredible...

Didnt want to spend nite in a hostel again, besides, there was a huge midsummer fest in the beach, so decided WHY NOT?

Went to hostel to take my stuff, a different guy from reception covered me wth compliments and allowed to leave a bag for 1 day more without payment:) which is always nice. I mean both compliments and free service:)

I took my bag with belongings and went to the beach. Good times! Lots of people, music, salutes and fireworks. Indians selling beer and some other stuff started to look at me suspiciously. I can understand why: everyone has been in company and I was alone, with my bag. So I spotted in the beach two young guys with huge backpacks like mine, and came to them. If my first words "Hello!are you guys gonn sleep here? if yes, can I sleep with you?" made them to be shocked, they were hiding it well:) As Devin immediately said "Sure, set up". What a coincidence, Devin and Dylan appeared to be CS members, who missed their train and had to spend night somewhere! Devin, a very handsome, not so talkative, calm young man who loves snowboarding and Dylan, really smiley guy 19-year old skateboarder. I left my bag to them sometimes to go to the huge number of bars and dancefloors or just to the sea. A big fest! We were sitting on my blanket, trying to dodge from salutes:) People are idiots, I swear! who will give petards to a child of 5-6 years? The girl almost burned herself by pointing petard on her own side and firing it. But some people are even more idiotic,m like a group of people (11-15), throing petards to each other! My God..
I've been foolish ( or can justify my stupidity by the fact that was the first time I have been sleeping on the beach). Hot and heat of morning was replaced by wind and cold of sand. I had only yellow cotton trousers, t-shirt and some think sweater from wind. So no matter how much sangria we drank from a pack, I started to feel chilly.
Kind Devin opened his standard 1-person sleeping bag as a blanket and we both used it. Dylan gave a piece of his sleeping bag as a pillow. OMG, I am really lucky I met those guys! Sleeping didnt work that well, I felt asleep may be close to 4 a.m, because fireworks and atmosphere was simply so beautiful and new to me. Sleeping back to back so it is not that cold with Devin was not that long, as at 6-19 Dylan woke me up to show that sun is gonna start rising. I woke up Devin as well and we enjoyed the magnificant view of sunrise on the sea. Went to the station to check timetables and to see the guys off. Again after just meeting them we had split.

By some chance all the nice people I met in Barelona had to leave soon:( That part was sad. Jordan, Frank, Cristobal, Devin and Dylan But I am very grateful to all of them, meeting them made my experience precious and my life full of memories.

The world is mine!

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