Sunday, 18 July 2010

1st July. day 17


Nice city, though we didn't spend there lots of time. Houses are old, amazing buildings. grand palace is miraclous. Of course, went to touch the monument of dying guy, to make a wish:)

Were lucky with Manecen de Pis:) There was a huge occasion- USA has presented to child new cloths. So we have been waiting for ambassador.

Firstly came bikers. An awfully loud sounds of engine. Police, guards, crowd. Not possible to hear ambassador's speech. Although I am quite sure it is just simple official bullshit:) at last, the moment of truth... OMG, the cloths were so AmERIcan:) just hilarious...

Bought beer for next host, Robin, and kept moving forward. Btw, that was simply perfect timing for shopping, lots of sales!


I don't know anyone who has been in Luxembourg, so didn't have any expectations about the city, which was a plus.

Luxembourg is pretty city. Although too trivial. Cannot actually find any adjective to escribe it. Just a city. Nice, pretty, typical, nothing special, although people are quite friendly.

Our host, Robin, is cheerful german boy. He wasn't awful, no, but his enourmous number of jokes was stressful. I never knew where is joke and where is truth.

Found nice place, in the middle of restaurant chain was a stage and orchestra played to us a beautiful music. Marvelous. Also went to the supermarket "Auchan" to do a little bit shopping.
Robin didn't spend that much time with us, but helped with some tips and maps. But had a little bit feeling of being in hostel, not with cs. well, between may be as to hostel you can come anytime you want, but to Robin's place only when he was there as he lived in student's house. However, in hostel you have your own bed and have to pay for it. I guess we just didn't connect, that happens to all people from time to time.:)
The world is mine!

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