Wednesday, 21 July 2010

14th July. Day 30

The first thing we did next day was going to Kenneth's summer house. Eminent smell of flowers and other plants.Couldn't stand and started to pick up lavender and roses. Now they are drying in my room, soon will be able to make sashe.

After resting there took direction on Fynn Bazar, where we bought cherries and pine apple. Big choice of fruits. Fruits were a good addition to our relaxing in the port:) Kenneth (master of speaking to people) got somehow waterbicycle, which we call catamaran may be, free!

Wind, water, good weather, sunshine, persimmon and pine apple- recipe of good mood!
Then spent some time in Urban Art House, looking on Kenneth rollerblading, taking pictures of awesome graffiti. I especially loved all works of Feta.
At 17.00 Jesper had to go to lesson, so our company shrinked to 3 people. Veera was good in riding bike, where me and Kenneth ried to sit with legs out of carriage as we had some stuff inside:) on the photo you can see my hand and his legs in reflection of his sunglasses:)
Would be silly to be in Odense and not to give a look at house where Andersen lived with his mother. Small room, ordinary house, souvenire shop on the opposite.
Walking around the whole day made us hungry, we chose eating in the cafe in the park. Really great thai food!Spicy, but not too much. not for crying but for enjoying:)
We lied down in the park and took it easy. Watching birds and guessing which one will kaka on us:) somewhy i noticed in the shape of tree branches a parrot:)
At home we just watching "American dad" as were too tired even to move:)But the day was really great! and company as well!
The world is mine!

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