Wednesday, 21 July 2010

13th July. Day 29.


Yep, in the morning we visited this place as well. But first we got lost, meaning that we couldn't find a road to train station:) according to Veera, it was next to church, so we were going there. However, there are more than 3 churches in Vejle:)So which one is ours? Anyway, decided to trust only locals and asked nice old couples first, then some woman...

Usually I don't expect much from places, but couldn't help myself but to hope to see something really great in Legoland and Paris. Both places disappointed me :(

Well, Legoland itself is not that bad. It is interesting- to see palaces and castles, animals and pools made of lego, tiny little pieces bound together construct huge stable figures. HOWEVER, though the weather was not that good, it was cloudy, windy and raining a little bit, there was huge amount of people! So to ride for 5 minutes on some attraction we had to stay at least 20-25 minutes in line. Also the whole atmosphere made me tired- children screaming and crying, too much of noise.... we went to buy some coffee, where I could enjoy the views of being mother or father- exhausted faces of parents, who need coffee to get some energy. No smiles, no tender words. One mother was telling 3 and 5 yers children history of USA:) dunno if children appreciated her efforts though:)

After Billund we took our stuff, said warm "good bye" to Walter, who was really good host and with whom I would like to spend more time and to win him in the game:) and headed to Odense.

Odense, the motherhood of Hans Christian Andersen. People we stayed with were Jesper and Kenneth.
So imagine: house, porch, 2 flats in each floor. Steep staircase. On the last floow there is kitchen to left and flat with 2 rooms to the right. The most adventurous is to go to restroom as it is situated in the basement:) so you can imagine how much excitement I got if I had to visit it at night....brrr....

Jesper- communicative young man, who loves to cook and studies martial arts. Kenneth is shy, but social, kind and intereating person with many stories and lots of experience in life backpack.
Both guys are relaxed and enjoy life without asking much.
The first evening. Conversations about hitch hiking experience and couchsurfing. Wine and home made pizza by Jesper, mmmm... Really good beer, which you drink 1 or 2 just to enjoy the flavor as it has deep taste.
Student bar and billiards.2 on 2, and we win with Kenneth! I was actually quite happy with myself-got the last, black (red:)) ball to the riht place.
Oh, would be sin not to mention the bicycle we were riding it...well, no words can describe better than picture:) so look at photo.
I would like to buy such bike to J, so he can always give me a ride:) It is by the way not that difficult to ride, but problematic to turn. I even rided it with Jesper in the carriage, successfully.
After bar we went to the port, to the House of Urban Arts.
UNFUCKINGCRAZILYCOOL! All walls are drawn with graffiti, stage and visual effects with balcony on the first floor, theater (which can be converted to cinema), special floor for riding skate and rollerblades.
Kenneth has own room where he has been living for 1 year. Many rooms, monitors, vynil, sofas, visual and sound equipment, "bio" coffee. A special atmosphere, ow, I loved it! that was smply different from what I have seen before.
I really enjoyed talking to Kenneth about his life, style, things he does and did. His way of travelling was fascinating, although I would probably never dare, albeit I tried things this time I never thought I would do:)
The world is mine!

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