Wednesday, 21 July 2010

12th July. Day 28.


The train from Germany to Denmark. No seats to reserve. But well. That was the best train! WhY? Because only THERE I could lie down, put my legs where I wanted and enjoy. And who cares that some people were looking at me weirdly!:) Do you remember the feeling after sitting 5 hours on the same place? Aha, numb legs, tired neck, impossible to find good position...And there, on the floor,with my precious backpack as a pillow and a settle, covered with blanket and having eye bandage was perfect!
Walter met us in the train station. That was a good timing as I was not sure if I will recognize him in case there are many people in the park next to the station, where we originally
agreed to meet up. Tall young man came to me with question "Are you looking someone?".
First impression- very nice guy! We spoke much, both, so there were no uncomfortable silence (in my opinion at least:)) I liked the way he says "hm...","ok, ok...":) I even started myself to say same things the next day:)
He showed us around, the street market, hospital where he works, some churches. Vejle is nice city actually, though small. Not that many people walking onthe streets. Reminded a little Pori in winter haha.
It was easy to talk to Walter as he was interesting interlocutor and could listen to our stories.
He made us good "danish" dinner:) Danish sausages didnt lookg good before we fried them, but However, I liked the desert more- a mix of milk and yoghurt (the same texture) with lemon, really refreshing, and when we put there some special danish cookies that are supposed to be eaten together with the milk, some strawberries and! terrific summer meal!
We washed dishes using the system of Ford's conveyor:) and played Corcasone. Although in this particular version therw was no pigs, houses, big and small humans, I anyway lost:( Will take my revanche when I see him again (hope he will visit us or we visit him:))
Laughed a lot, Walter has interesting stories from his own interrail and especially what has happened to his friend, who cannot speak English that well, in USA hahaha still smiling when remember that;)

The world is mine!

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