Monday, 19 July 2010

7th July. Day 23

St Moritz
In the morning we had breakfast, left hotel, came with Andre to his apartment, left our huge backpacks there and went biking.

Andre gave us whole equipment, such as gloves, hat to Veera as I had one already, small backpacks, put apples inside:)

So we were biking around the city, bought in the center toothsome swiss home made chocolate. Oh, biking trip in the Alps is awesome...

At some point we decided to climb to Alps:) we don't look for easy roads:) so were coming up on a steep track, where stones were mixed with dry roots of trees, where people did nordic walking, but we went with bikes:==) first were quite active, but the more upwards we ascending, the more breaks we made, and the longer those breaks took:) In the middle of paths we were sooooooooooooooooooooo tired. But looking back and counting how much we achieved...would be stupid and weak to go back. so we moved, moved, moved, last, the second peak was achieved, and the view on overwhelming valley opened behind us. WOW! That was worth our efforts...

Andre called me to ask where we are, I told him the name of the valley and he replied "I'll be there in 10". WHAT??????? So imagine, our almost 2 hours of work...THERE WAS SPECIAL ROUTE FOR BICYCLERS!!!!!!!!!!!!DAMN:)) But we were anyway happy, satisfied that we didn't stop, we could overcome ourselves!!!
Biking down took 3 minutes:) After exhausting day was so great to swim in the lake!
yes, the water in the lake was cold, but FOR PHOTO I was ready for everything:))))
I couldn't believe myself I was swimming in the lake in ALPS!
On the way to Andre's home, which I will call "home" from now, he took us to Bever, village nearby St Moritz. So poor that there was no money to renovate it and many houses had the same design as in 16th century. Very interesting it was!
In the evening we made barbeque- frying swiss sausages and rosti, swiss potatoes. Salad, wine, good company- special evening!
Our prelimenary plan was to continue Albula trip and go doesn't matter where, but Andre was so nice. He told at least to me 4 times "If you want, you can stay", "there is no problem with me, feel at home"...Then he told to both of us again and again that we can stay:)
But we decided to leave all the thoughts till the end.
The world is mine!

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