Monday, 19 July 2010

6th July. Day 22

The whole morning we were afraid of questions of Sebastian:) But he was realy nice host!

We took bikes and went to the center of the city. Sebastian would be really good tour guide if he dicided to do that. He was throwing dates and names, occasions... Showed the only city which stayed the same after the big fire, and dates 15th century.
And here they were: many questions about Kazakhstan, the language, culture and history. Not that bad ones, I could answer. Veera wasn't that lucky:) She got the question "What is the oldest house in Finland?" haha

Chur is a beautiful city, it is like Almaty in sense that it is ike a bowl- in the bottom of the bowl are buildings, trees, shops, castles. Bowl surrounded by beautiful mountains. I liked the city, but of course, I was biased. I would like it even if it was ugly, just because of people living there.

Then we came home and Sebastian made us to be in love with him. HUUUUUHHHH!!!!!!

He took heart of Veera after his speech why he thinks capitalist world needs improvement, about his thought about that people have to have time to choose what they really like to do etc... That was a good speech though I would take Nina's opinion:) May be because both of us were studying political science and governmental agencies:)

He conquered my heart after starting playing piano...OMG! That was SOMEThING. This guy made his own system, knowing just accords, that was just AMAZING....playing juzz, taking notes just from head and improvizing....I just loved it sooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!! Could stay and listen, listen, listen, listen.....listen...listen...listen....
But everything ends...and we moved further, to the beginning of ALbula trip

Bernina route
If you have chance to be in Switherland, do not be greedy with money or time, and go for Bernina trip. It is worth it 100%! Beautiful mountains are replaced by lakes, slopes, mountain hear the sound of rivers and falling stones. Tunnels, again look down and feel fear, excitement and feeling yourself 5 year child, want to scream and shout, and run in the train:)

At some point we had to change train. That was a destiny:)

St Moritz. Just breathtaking views around made us to want to stay! to touch every grass, the ground, the water in the lake, to step on mountain road!

We hesitated a little bit, planning money and time... asking each other " well, we saved enough to stay for just 1 night, right?" . "This place is worth to stay, isn't it?". In a word, trying to convince myself that we MUST stay:=)after hesitation I insisted on going to hotel at least to ask prices. 116 euros and no room available. We sighed, well, it's a fate...Turned back, but the voice stopped us. The main in the reception called to another hotel and reserved a place for us there.
Now that was a destiny!
Hotel Stille. The man in the reception with very calm relaxed voice, speaking slowly but friendly... While we were paying someone called to his workphone, but the connection was very bad. so they called again. And again. And AGAIN. AGAIN!! AGAIN!!!!!I would really already just throw the damn phone away or shout:) But no, althoug he was angry it didn't affect his voice. "So patient"- was the first idea about him in my head. He smiled kindly looking how we pay 95 euros with coins, taking from wallets, searching in the whole bag. I would laugh out loud at us:)
-Girls, if you don't know where to go to eat, you can join us.
-Thank you!
After coming to the room, we looked with Veera at each other, wondering did he mean we have to pay for it?:) Well, why to postpone for a long time...Just went and asked him how much it is:) And he said it was free as he invites us.
So at 7 we were downstairs:) A great dinner waited for us! we had it with staff of hotel.
There were salad, boiled eggs with pepper, olives from Greece, soup, second dish well done fried potatoes with some swiss sausages, pasta, wine, carbonated mineral water...oooohhhh...I felt so full!
Andre-that was the name of the person- offered us his mountain bikes to explore the city! Very nice! That was the first time I tried to ride mountain bikes:) So I was turning the knobs and buttons, pressing bells...He explained me how to use it for 3 minutes, but after seeing it is useless said "Give me 5 minutes, and I am ready".
Andre showed us city, told about its history and people, the way of living...some boutiques in the center, where a pair of shoes costs like 15000 Sf. wow... the house of the owner of Burda magazine...well, it was not house, it was palace:) some tower which has higher angle of dip than the one in Pisa...
When we were going back, he asked about our plans for tomorrow. wrong question. Was very useless to ask it while our trip:) So he offered to stay in his apartment and to see more of city! When we have put bycicles into garage, he showed us his apartment, made whiskey with orange juice. he was really nice and trust worthy person, so we decided to stay with him.
The world is mine!

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