Sunday, 18 July 2010

3d July. Day 19.

Train Luxembourg-Zurich. Full so we had to sit down in different ends of train with Veera.

Scouters, some german family next to me and a nice guy of age 26. I passed through that place several times and father of family was saying it is reserved, while his handsome cute son was lying down on both seats. Then young man talked to him in German and somehow I got a seat:)

Trip seemed to be quite short, because of pleasant chat with the man. He was working in Brussels in some governmental agency and his main job was lobbying. So close to my profession- public administration:) Only after 3 hours of talking, when he said that his stop is in 10 minutes, I figured out I don't know his name:) Antoine. Serious and intelligent person with shy smile and calm voice.


Nicolo was our next host. Couldn't for some reason give him a call, so was nervous as didn't know how we would meet. However, that was easy. Surprisingly, he came with his friend Sebastian to meet us in the train station. Wow. The first host, who came to meet us. Did you notice how pleasant it is to know that someone is meeting you? damn good feeling!

we went through station and street to watch Germany vs Argentina. Through the river n the center of the city, where people were swimming and lying down next to it having sunbaths. Weird... a big monitor next to the river was surrounded by people. we tried our luck in next place. small cafeteria, big screen, we were sitting just opposite to it, so had good places.

1 goal, the next one... On fourth goal I felt so bad looking on Messi that wanted to cry:( After that Sebastian went home, and we followed Nicolo.

House of Nicolo was the only one so far, where I felt myself at home, don't have an idea why. Like Yann, he gave us keys to come and go whenever we want.

Nicolo was astounding. Passionate about architecture, curious about everything, he covered us with questions. Like the origin of Finnish language and why it is close to Hungarian... about architecture and culture. He was telling about his origins, his language and his area of living, which was astonishing. We cooked some spaghetti carbonara and well, surprise surprise, at that time was Zurich Fest, which takes place like once in 2-3 years. Lucky lucky:)

so of course we went there!

Lots of people, heaps of fun, good weather. Lots of things to try like racklette, thai, chinese, pakistanian quisine, something like shashlik, fruits in chocolate...lots of smells and lots of food, and quite high prices indeed:( As I remember for now, in Switherland were the highest prices.

Music, different bands. Nice! Followed some crowd, but at some point ust turned back, too little of oxygen:( apparently this crowd went to look on Eminem and Snoop dog performing. No matter how badly we wanted to see them, just couldn't- too tired and too many people.

Oh, the fireworks were sooo good, and helicopters, amazing! 100 times better than in Barcelona:)

after we came back to Nicolo, it started to rain heavily. and apparenty it was good we didnt go to concert as ticket there was 60 SF;)
The world is mine!

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