Wednesday, 21 July 2010

16th July. Day 32

1 hour of sleeping didnt help so much. At 5 we left hostel, broken, sleepy...

Thanks God we came on time to take a ferry. It cost us only 1 euros. But without cabin. I have heard people being without place, but logically thought that there is may be a special place for such people. aha...Jane, don't be so naive! "Joyful and naturally enlightened" was really enlightened to know that THERE iS NO PLAcE To slEEP!

That was unexpected...After walking for some time, I followed Veera, who offered to sleep under stairs. There was no simply better place and I was too tired anyway even to look for it. with envy I looked inside the rooms on beds...:)

But well, that place was also good. Only thing is captain should say to cleaners to vacuum clean better under stairs:) Almost immediately we felt asleep.

Later, after some shopping and eating we went upstairs, where usually people have sun baths:) well, the weather was not hot, so no people took baths, but quite many just rested. some people were looking at us wondering what the heck we are doing there, but who cares?

So ferry, then 2 hours of train with 1 change and we are back.
what is it to come back? The first strange thing was to sleep more than 2 days in the same room:):):)
The world is mine!

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