Monday, 19 July 2010

10th July. Day 26

I loved the house of Mac, and especially garden! Pond with fishes, place for chicken, beautiful flowers, trees, vegetables, fruits, berries.
Woke up because of songs of cocks, so nice, remembered my childhood in village:)
Got a great breakfast, natural and tasty. Mac's family has got own chicken, and was funny to eat tiny eggs:) Without making plans again, though I wanted to go to Berlin to see my friend Natasha.
However, the weather was impossible... so hot!!!!!!! so no Berlin, BEACH!
So we waited when Mac's friend Ron comes and went to the beach. Oh, oh, oh:) Have spent there 6 hours, got brown.
Played volleyball. Well, how played...With Veera we were just imitatng playing I guess:)
Not that successfully, but fun was the most important.
Tried also to play some football, bt even worse:(
After almost hitting pregnant woman on the beach we started to play in the water. That was lots of fun! Slippery, falling down, getting water in ears and nose... The water was nicely warm. walk, walk, walk, and still it gets hardly the level of belly. It starts to be deeper only in few minutes of walking, changing from really warm to cold, then at some point warm again, then suddenly chilly. We swam, I prefered to be next to the shore:)
Swimming always makes u to be hungry, so we went to kiosk and bought some Matjes and pommes. Catchball, photos, sea.oooo!1that was really good day.
After sea-pizza and cheering with intelligent and nice father of Robert match Urugay- Germany. Tough game, as octopus Paul predicted:)
The world is mine!

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