Saturday, 17 July 2010

22th June. day 8

I am a real tourist!
With a backpack, on the second floor of double deck, listening to the history of Barcelona in Russian:) what can be better?

Barcelona has simply different atmosphere. Atmosphere of joy and happiness, and a smell of love everywhere! When you are in Barcelona, you MUST have a date, husband, or boyfriend next to you, otherwise the quantity of couples lying down, kissing, old couples hanging hands and doing massage to each other can make you feel misearable:)

I've travelled all around BCN on my bus, hipping on and off, visited all major touristic places. Getting to much of information, turning my head 35 times a minute to make photos and see everything around me. Mostly tourists around, from all over the world.

I am tired, time has taken on me, don't want anymore architecture, sightseeing, want just to sleep, but, for God's sake! You are in Barcelona! The city of dreams, freedom, love! And I would look at it even though I had to put matches in my eyes so that they don't close, because this is how, with eyes wide opened, you should look on this city. And on this world.

Rambla de Lar is my favorite place so far. Port, water, couples, rimance, sun, road, fishes. Smell of waffles and coffee. Vast number of people on the bridge, but at the same time loneliness and harmony.

I know now why people coming to BCN want to stay here forever. It is inspiring place, with own air, with sense of love. Here you want to kiss, to hug, to love all people. Selling roses is popular. Love is everywhere here. The city breathes with love! Here you smile to everyone and believe that all people are brothers.

After not finding host (well, last minute reqest),tried to find a hostel, without success as well. Hot season:( decided to go to sleep in the beach. Asked an english speaking guy, who was walking behind me with a friend, how to get to the beach.

-Why do you have to go there, dear? It is almost 8! no sunbathes:)
-I tried to find a hostel, but they were full....

He grabbed my hand and we went to look hostels. 4 were full, one empty, but not for backpackers- 40 euros per night. At last, found out a good one called "Kabul", 25 euros per night+tapas+dinner+free ride and entrance to some night club+breakfast.Not too bad:)

In "Kabul" I met Jordan. 19 year student from USA, romantic and artistic, intelligent and funny. We walked outside and he was telling me history of some monuments and arts. Went to meet with some people, like german and norwegian girls, but I didnt really like the company so left to watch the game in sport bar.

Sport bar
Met a chinese man and we decided to watch football and eat together. Some german guy looked at us quite a time, then came and said to Frank (yes, yes, all chinese have american names, otherwise it is impossible not to only remember, but also to pronounce them:))

-Sorry, where are you from?
-And you?-looked at me
-Why dont you guys just speak chinese???

I guess he thought Kazakhstan is some province of Beijing:)))

Anyway, paella was great, black, fresh and nice, Frank's paella was tasty as well, we enjoyed the match and food, he showed me photos of his wife and daughter and said that if I ever go to Shanghai, I have place to stay. After food we walked along La Rambla, looked on performers and went back as he has to leave the next morning.

Back to hostel I found Jordan and we drank his beer and chatted till night. And that was really sweet when he said I can wake him up if I have problems with falling asleep and we will walk around.
Luckily, I didnt have problems with falling asleep:) was too tired.

The world is mine!

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