Saturday, 17 July 2010

16th June. Day 2

woke up with a bad headache, which cannot be good.

After walking around Faro for a lit bit bought a ticket to Lisbon. Bitterly leaving this town, it has own charisma.These small buildings; balconies which are so close to each other, talentless graffiti, cursing word in the walls of houses, rusty lattice.
Center of Faro is absolutely different. So called more touristic place. Here you can find hotel, boats and motor boats, touristic city train,old basilica, a big monitor where you can see football games outside.

The next stop is Lisbon.
Had a host, who could meet us in the train station at 21.00, but after disputes with Veera decided to go to hostel again, which made me to be sad, as I would really love to meet up with Johanna. Found some hostel next to the main station. Strange desin it has. arabi style tiles made me feel myself in hamam:) 15 euros and again room for 2 again. After walking around, just bought from supermarket some cod fish and rice with vegetables, sat in a private area of hostel and enjoyed food and view.

The world is mine!

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