Sunday, 18 July 2010

28th June. Day 14.

Woke up at 7! Bloody tired, for sure, very sleepy! Yann had to go to work, so we left with him and without any hesitation went to the park next to metro Jourdain.

that was very funny- many asians doing excersises, europeans with children, staff of park.

Took us quite long to find a place to set up as grass was wet:) At last we found a perfect spot- some lit bit hilly:)
Veera was shy at first to lie down.

-Let's just pretend like we came here to sit down.
-Jajaja, let us

We put a blanket, sat down, but in few seconds took the second blanket, used bags as pillows, bend for eyes... It really seemed like we were well organized for sleep over:) (look photo)

I think i have even seen some good dreams:)

What else was memorable that day? Or, picnic on stones next to Notre Dame:) and well, we got lost in mazes of parisian metro and missed our train. well done. Proud of us.

To say i was furious means to keep silence. I was so DAMN ANgRY.
When I was 14-15, I was chatting in My home city with 40000 inhabitants seemed to small to me:) I really needed fresh air, new waves, new people and cultures. 1.5 years of chattin, vast number of friends, many of whom I have visited in other cities. Phone calls everyday. That was crazily awesome! May be that was one of the reasons I didn't start to smoke, drink, didn't get pregnant as many of my age:) Didn't get to bad companies, to jail, didn't have heart being broken by some assholes. One of the precious people I got acquanted with through net was Ramilya. At that time she was living in Belgium. when I stopped chattin we still kept in touch, which is great. We met when I was 18-19, spent 3-4 beautiful evenings together with her and her lovely sister Kamila, then university, job, getting busy and at last me going to USA and South Korea for studying, her leaving to different city. And still we kept in touch. And now, when I am 23, her family came back to Belgium and I had a chance to meet them again!

Do you understand that I HAD a reason to angry.

On the stairs next to the train station one guy looking like Indian, came to us and started to talk to Veera, then to me a little (which was a surprise as I can imagine what a "lovely furious" face I had=)).

We ended up Don offering us to stay in his house for 1 night. Great!
As a local, he of course knew where we can find good sushi:) Nam-nam-nam!

Cozy apartment in good neighbourhood, shower and bad, the mood raised up and life played with bright colors again:)
In general, Paris has disappointed me. With my head full of stereotrpes like "Paris is a city of love", I had to face a realty. Realty like smell of urine, many homeless people with matrasses on the street, long lines everywhere, totally unstructured metro system, unfriendly and not speaking good english staff in metro, who gave us wrong direction sometimes, and sometimes just didn't want to answer. (yeah, and these people in information center are planning a strike soon to have their salaries encreased...wwhhyy?) Gloomy parisians, snobbish and not speaking english though they understand it sometimes better than they want to show it.

I will tell you what has happened to me in the subway. I was going to gay parade. Spotted a nice young couple on the platform next to me. The girl was speaking on phone, so I asked the guy:

-Hello! Do you know if this train goes to Bastille?
- bubububu- said in french. as I understood, it meant "no french, merci"
His girlfriend says "yes, yes, bastille".

Ok, standing and waiting. Guy asks:
-parle wu france?
- no, no, english parle, - as always, I am smiling.

The guy turned away. I had a great mood, so dunno why I added "russo turisto!"

haha, the reaction was great.
- Russo turisto? Privet!
-Privet! you speak russian?
-No, no

Guy went to look on metro map. Train arrived and we came in. He checked the map again, now inside the train. Couple had to go before me. On their stop, before stepping out, the guy tells me in english, with perfect english accent "you stop is next, don't miss it! next is Bastille!" I guess when you are in Paris you better speak russian.
The world is mine!

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