Sunday, 18 July 2010

2d July. Day 18.

Waking up at 8 is never pleasant. The fact that even at 8 it was too hot to walk didn't bring more of relief.

First of all, we went to Quality burger to have breakfast, and then decided to hide from heat in Kazemates:) It was chilly in kazemates, but so much like mazes. We got lost, it started to be too cold. Wondering around, climbing steep stairs to find out ourselves in the same spot again...awful...Luckily Veera has offered to play, and I would give a lot to see us from side:)

First we were playing Indiana Jones:) dodging from bullets, escaping from spiders and snakes, trying to find a hidden key to open hidden door by moving and touching bricks. Sitting so that enemy doesn't hear us, making round eyes, running.
Then a queen looking for a way to meet her lover.

And at last the real game called "Jane wants to find a toilet".:)The last game rocked. We were looking for "ladies' room" for ages, thus when we got out finally I didn't already need it. Not that I used some corner in Kazemates! No!!!! haha:)

After Kazemates found out the weather is still bad, superhot... so went to Shrek 3. Nice one...

Pizza hut after movies is always good. It made me to feel nostalgic and to remember days in Korea. That was yammi!! Half a litre of sangria may be was too much for 2 girls:=) Ordered tortufa for the first time, really nice desert, especially in such weather. Sangria made me so dizzy that we had to sit down for a while next to fontain just chatting.

At 8 met with Robin and went to see Ghana-Uruguay. Though we cheered for Ghana, it lost:(

But bar and the whole area was nice and we spent a good time watching football. Good day in Luxembourg
The world is mine!

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