Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Walking through life with small steps...

Life after trip.

Now living again in Finland, Viiala.

Don't host anyone as not having my own place yet.

Waiting for J to come from USA to start new life somewhere. Far. Soon. Almost circling numbers on calendar but it is still so long until 19th August.

Took me 3 days to write 32 days plus extracts to my blog. Don't mention if you find many mistakes as most of hosts were written like now, at 4.14 a.m:) If you have some corrections on my mistakes, questions, personal questions, comments, leave here or send to

So what am I doing except writing blog?
Sleeping much,
eating much,
listening to music from grooveshark,
keeping in touch with people I met,
sending photos to acquaintances, uploding pictures in vkontakte and facebook,
watched all series of Naruto and Bleach,
going to summer house (like today, was soooooo great) and to Pori Jazz Festival (like tomorrow.Oh Big Time!),
chatting with my family and friends, mostly in russian:)


The world is mine!!!


The results of the trip:

countries visited: Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany, Denmark, Sweden

stayed in: 3 hostels, 1 hotel, 1 hotel and 1 hostel illegally. 3 times with total strangers, 4 times with friends, whom haven't seen for more than 2 years, 1 time in the beach, other than that - COUCHSurRFINg! People, if you want to travel, this is right site for you: There is good chance to have fun, to meet great people, to get to know talanted people. People, who can become your good friends in 2 days of knowing them, with whom you might connect and whom you would like to keep in touch. But if you get there, be a good host and a good surfer!

Positive: adventures, many unexpected thinsgs, getting lost which resulted in meeting nice and helpful people, experience.

Became wiser (hope), know people better now, especially some.

Got more confidence in myself, now I am sure I can travel alone and talk to anyone (well, not that I wasn't sure about that before as this is what I got to know in USA, but during last 2 years I got some doubts)

Have seen the world, it is beautiful!

Found new good acquaintances and new friends

Got to know how people in other countries live

Shared the experience, blanket, sangria, thoughts!

Have seen friends whom haven't seen for a long time.

Low cost

Lots of precious memories

budget: around 700euros. If you need budget day by day, don't hesitate to ask, I got it and can send.

negative: 1 misunderstanding with partner. I guess that often happens in such trips, where people, who don't know each other that well have to be together 24/7 for 32 days. From another side, can't say it was totally negative as it helps to understand some things and some people better.

The world is mine!

16th July. Day 32

1 hour of sleeping didnt help so much. At 5 we left hostel, broken, sleepy...

Thanks God we came on time to take a ferry. It cost us only 1 euros. But without cabin. I have heard people being without place, but logically thought that there is may be a special place for such people. aha...Jane, don't be so naive! "Joyful and naturally enlightened" was really enlightened to know that THERE iS NO PLAcE To slEEP!

That was unexpected...After walking for some time, I followed Veera, who offered to sleep under stairs. There was no simply better place and I was too tired anyway even to look for it. with envy I looked inside the rooms on beds...:)

But well, that place was also good. Only thing is captain should say to cleaners to vacuum clean better under stairs:) Almost immediately we felt asleep.

Later, after some shopping and eating we went upstairs, where usually people have sun baths:) well, the weather was not hot, so no people took baths, but quite many just rested. some people were looking at us wondering what the heck we are doing there, but who cares?

So ferry, then 2 hours of train with 1 change and we are back.
what is it to come back? The first strange thing was to sleep more than 2 days in the same room:):):)
The world is mine!

15th July. Day 31

Waking up was never my cup of tea:) That is why in the morning I had a little bit of headache, but quite ok mood. Unfortunately, I couldn't say "Good bye" to Kenneth as he was sleeping:(

By train we went to Stockholm. Our plans again crushed. Trains were full, impossible to get without reservation. We wanted to go straight, but had to stay in Stockholm for night. Freaking uncomfortable chairs,impossible to sleep and to sit even. 1 hour until we arrive and I had a feeling I will go crazy. Wanted to cry,to laugh, to shout, to blaim, but actually just to sleep. In Copenhagen train station I took addresses of some hostels, so was thinking to go there or to stay somewhere to save money.

So we went to the first hostel in the list -##### HOSTEL. OMG, have so great memories with that:) ¨

So we went to the hostel. The door was locked, but some guy downstairs pressed some buttons in the code locker and - seasam,open!

no stuff, no cleaner, no anyone working in the hostel! Just stairs, leading to small area, computers with leather chairs and many doors with code lockers:) No matter how much we wanted to pay for hostel, it was smply impossible. Some latin guy came from running and went to shower. We and our huge backpacks didn't fit that well:) But well, we used oportunity and surfed internet searching for hostel. Incredible! In ##### no places, many other hostels have to be reserved 1 day at least before arriving, others are expensive, then go hostels....

2 funny guys, Jessy and Pete, from Australia totally made our evening:) all the time we talked, we were laughing:) Jessy tried his luck to find us hostel, but got the same result as me. But at that time it just seemed to be funny. He even googled "can i sleep in tain station", and what do you think? There is page saying it is not permitted:) haha! We could walk around city, but Jessy said:
-There is luggage room, but I dunno how to open it.

He took us to the door, i touched key well, jerked a door handle.closed. Latin guy, Pedro, was looking at us with curiosity.

-what are you doing?
-trying to open door. do you know how to open it?
-yes. just open.

I pressed it harder, and it opened:)i know I looked dummie:) It was small room with square table and some machinery apparatus doing loud sound "brrrrrrrr....grrrr...."

Pete and Veera had the same idea:) he whispered to her as soon as we opened luggage room "You know, you could actually sleep there".

There was a backpack in the luggage room. apparently, Pedro also didn't have place to stay and, as we, came illegally:) we were marvelled by his behavior- being there, without room, going to run, taking shower!

Long story short- we left our stuff and went out with Pedro to local bar with french name:) He treated us wine, coctail, beer. After drinking we went to 7-11, where I had hot dog (MMM...Miss 7-11 in VA and Seoul, so it is nostalgic place for me) and everyone got slushes from Pedro.

We walked, we talked, he told us beautiful love story, which was splendid! On the way back to hostel we passed through scottish bar, which took our attention with its signboard (enjoy it on photo)
Pedro motivated me and I anyway took shower:) and after shower, clean, tired, but full of nice experience, went to sleep. To the luggage room. On the table. In pose of embrion. At 4 a.m.

that was a good nite:)
The world is mine!

14th July. Day 30

The first thing we did next day was going to Kenneth's summer house. Eminent smell of flowers and other plants.Couldn't stand and started to pick up lavender and roses. Now they are drying in my room, soon will be able to make sashe.

After resting there took direction on Fynn Bazar, where we bought cherries and pine apple. Big choice of fruits. Fruits were a good addition to our relaxing in the port:) Kenneth (master of speaking to people) got somehow waterbicycle, which we call catamaran may be, free!

Wind, water, good weather, sunshine, persimmon and pine apple- recipe of good mood!
Then spent some time in Urban Art House, looking on Kenneth rollerblading, taking pictures of awesome graffiti. I especially loved all works of Feta.
At 17.00 Jesper had to go to lesson, so our company shrinked to 3 people. Veera was good in riding bike, where me and Kenneth ried to sit with legs out of carriage as we had some stuff inside:) on the photo you can see my hand and his legs in reflection of his sunglasses:)
Would be silly to be in Odense and not to give a look at house where Andersen lived with his mother. Small room, ordinary house, souvenire shop on the opposite.
Walking around the whole day made us hungry, we chose eating in the cafe in the park. Really great thai food!Spicy, but not too much. not for crying but for enjoying:)
We lied down in the park and took it easy. Watching birds and guessing which one will kaka on us:) somewhy i noticed in the shape of tree branches a parrot:)
At home we just watching "American dad" as were too tired even to move:)But the day was really great! and company as well!
The world is mine!

13th July. Day 29.


Yep, in the morning we visited this place as well. But first we got lost, meaning that we couldn't find a road to train station:) according to Veera, it was next to church, so we were going there. However, there are more than 3 churches in Vejle:)So which one is ours? Anyway, decided to trust only locals and asked nice old couples first, then some woman...

Usually I don't expect much from places, but couldn't help myself but to hope to see something really great in Legoland and Paris. Both places disappointed me :(

Well, Legoland itself is not that bad. It is interesting- to see palaces and castles, animals and pools made of lego, tiny little pieces bound together construct huge stable figures. HOWEVER, though the weather was not that good, it was cloudy, windy and raining a little bit, there was huge amount of people! So to ride for 5 minutes on some attraction we had to stay at least 20-25 minutes in line. Also the whole atmosphere made me tired- children screaming and crying, too much of noise.... we went to buy some coffee, where I could enjoy the views of being mother or father- exhausted faces of parents, who need coffee to get some energy. No smiles, no tender words. One mother was telling 3 and 5 yers children history of USA:) dunno if children appreciated her efforts though:)

After Billund we took our stuff, said warm "good bye" to Walter, who was really good host and with whom I would like to spend more time and to win him in the game:) and headed to Odense.

Odense, the motherhood of Hans Christian Andersen. People we stayed with were Jesper and Kenneth.
So imagine: house, porch, 2 flats in each floor. Steep staircase. On the last floow there is kitchen to left and flat with 2 rooms to the right. The most adventurous is to go to restroom as it is situated in the basement:) so you can imagine how much excitement I got if I had to visit it at night....brrr....

Jesper- communicative young man, who loves to cook and studies martial arts. Kenneth is shy, but social, kind and intereating person with many stories and lots of experience in life backpack.
Both guys are relaxed and enjoy life without asking much.
The first evening. Conversations about hitch hiking experience and couchsurfing. Wine and home made pizza by Jesper, mmmm... Really good beer, which you drink 1 or 2 just to enjoy the flavor as it has deep taste.
Student bar and billiards.2 on 2, and we win with Kenneth! I was actually quite happy with myself-got the last, black (red:)) ball to the riht place.
Oh, would be sin not to mention the bicycle we were riding it...well, no words can describe better than picture:) so look at photo.
I would like to buy such bike to J, so he can always give me a ride:) It is by the way not that difficult to ride, but problematic to turn. I even rided it with Jesper in the carriage, successfully.
After bar we went to the port, to the House of Urban Arts.
UNFUCKINGCRAZILYCOOL! All walls are drawn with graffiti, stage and visual effects with balcony on the first floor, theater (which can be converted to cinema), special floor for riding skate and rollerblades.
Kenneth has own room where he has been living for 1 year. Many rooms, monitors, vynil, sofas, visual and sound equipment, "bio" coffee. A special atmosphere, ow, I loved it! that was smply different from what I have seen before.
I really enjoyed talking to Kenneth about his life, style, things he does and did. His way of travelling was fascinating, although I would probably never dare, albeit I tried things this time I never thought I would do:)
The world is mine!

12th July. Day 28.


The train from Germany to Denmark. No seats to reserve. But well. That was the best train! WhY? Because only THERE I could lie down, put my legs where I wanted and enjoy. And who cares that some people were looking at me weirdly!:) Do you remember the feeling after sitting 5 hours on the same place? Aha, numb legs, tired neck, impossible to find good position...And there, on the floor,with my precious backpack as a pillow and a settle, covered with blanket and having eye bandage was perfect!
Walter met us in the train station. That was a good timing as I was not sure if I will recognize him in case there are many people in the park next to the station, where we originally
agreed to meet up. Tall young man came to me with question "Are you looking someone?".
First impression- very nice guy! We spoke much, both, so there were no uncomfortable silence (in my opinion at least:)) I liked the way he says "hm...","ok, ok...":) I even started myself to say same things the next day:)
He showed us around, the street market, hospital where he works, some churches. Vejle is nice city actually, though small. Not that many people walking onthe streets. Reminded a little Pori in winter haha.
It was easy to talk to Walter as he was interesting interlocutor and could listen to our stories.
He made us good "danish" dinner:) Danish sausages didnt lookg good before we fried them, but However, I liked the desert more- a mix of milk and yoghurt (the same texture) with lemon, really refreshing, and when we put there some special danish cookies that are supposed to be eaten together with the milk, some strawberries and! terrific summer meal!
We washed dishes using the system of Ford's conveyor:) and played Corcasone. Although in this particular version therw was no pigs, houses, big and small humans, I anyway lost:( Will take my revanche when I see him again (hope he will visit us or we visit him:))
Laughed a lot, Walter has interesting stories from his own interrail and especially what has happened to his friend, who cannot speak English that well, in USA hahaha still smiling when remember that;)

The world is mine!