Monday, 19 July 2010

4th July. Day 20

The weather is strange. Gloomy, but hot. Sometimes sun made us to smile, but then ran away and hid in the clouds.

Nicolo showed us business Zurich, which everyone can see in the posters of financial magazines, with its banks, boutiques with their incredibly high prices. The fest didn't finish yet, so people were walking around. A beautiful lake. Can see the mountains surrounding it.

He also showed us local Zurich. Calm streets, the house where Lenin lived for 2 days.

Heavy rain, we had to wait in cafe, so chose the one with alternative style of music, old posters, good tea and coffee and comfortable sofas with a view on busy street from opened window.
The next destination- to relax after rain in park, so we took pink wine, which me and Veera have bought for Nicolo in France, big olives, baguet, cherry tomatoes, some cheese...

The first time through the whole trip I felt it Is sunday.

At 8 brother of Nicolo invited us for dinner. We thought it will be traditional family dinner, where would be we, his cousin with wife... Oh, no!
There were: us, Nicolo, his brother, his cousin with wife, her friend, their common friend and brother's roommate. In a time another roommate came from Romania. So that wasn't at all traditional family dinner:)
Too much of swiss, too much of romanich, but the atmosphere was kinda studentic and cheerful. We aye palenta, american indian food, the first tried I degustated pastry and grapa (names of drinks might contain mistakes:)) There was also 1 guy, Joris, who looked soooooooo much like Robert Pattison! Just not that skinny:) So I tried to take a good pictue og his, but always he was either talking or just not looking good enough on photo.In some time he started to look at me suspiciously:) That is when I was taking photos of others or of walls:) So I was asking Veera "Take his picture!!" haha...
All people were asking us where do we go next, and after they heard our next destination is Liechtenstein, they all laughed:) All were asking WHY THE HELL WE WANT TO GO THERE as it is like some swiss village. In some time Veera started to hesitate, if we really have to change plans, but hey, I don't know anyone who has been there! and I really want to see it WITH MY OWN eYEs.
Another reason why I remember Joris is because he was the first one who has offered us to take Albula trip and showed it on the map. Then others picked up and started to describe all the pluses of the UNESCO's cultural heritage.
We stayed with that hospitable company till 1 a.m, so of course, have missed our train and had to walk 40 minutes more by feet. However, it gave us a chance to see brasilian hookers, swiss ones, Nicolo was telling us interesting stories about city, artists, history...
The world is mine!

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