Sunday, 18 July 2010

26th June. Day 12


The whole day spent with Yann, and that was great one!
We talked, walked around. We had a nice breakfast and left home together. At some point split up, because he had to go to salsa lessons.
But before splitting up he gave me a key, and that was just sp surprising. I mean, that was a sign of trust, wasn't it? i don't remember any other case before when a stranger gave me a key...Yann knew I came for several days only, but still wasn't aware of me stealing anything. For post soviet countries' citizens I guess it is very shocking. And I really appreciated him trusting me, so everytime I went somewhere I was rechecking if the key is still there, in my safe-belt:) As the worst thing a person can do is breaking a trust of someone, and I didn't want that. Not because it is expensive to make a key again, no. But because if I lost it I would be so ashamed...

I was walking in the center, there was an exhibition deciated to Charles de Gaulle, called "Resistance". Quite interesting one, though the main reason I went there was becaue it was so hot outside:)

Next to the door there were 3 security guards. So when I was passing by to go out, one said "Sayanara", another "Ni hao", the third one "annyon":) So you can imagine how round they had after I said "Good bye and do svodaniya":)

Next to the Hotel de Ville met an old woman. She was soooo hilarious:)
- I hope you, young woman, don't think that Hotel de Ville is hotel! I know some woman, she came here at 9 p.m. and looked for Hotel de Ville,and was complaining that they dont have a room for her!

I couldn't put a word into her speech, but she continued...

-and did you young woman take a picture next to the Charles de Gaulle's photo? You have to! it is great! I can make it...

Pushed me, took a picture, because of sun she didn't see if I were even in photo:) When Yann came, she kindly offered to take photo of both of us:) It took like 4 minutes! We were standing smiling under heat of sun while she was trying to make focus again. so I had to come to her, to make focus on Charles de Gaulle's portait, put her hand on camera and aks her not to move, and then we tried to stand so that we are on the photo:) anyway, funny woman of 87 years!

Then there was the 1st attempt of ours to go to special exhibition "Crime and punishment" in Musee D'Orsay. What a joke of fate. In 5 minutes after we came, there was an announcement saying that for today the tickets for that particular exhibition are sold out.:) So we just walked around nearby, taking photos near Louvre,went to park. After that Yann went home as he was sooooo tired after hours of dancing salsa, and I went to... Gay Parade!!!!

On the way to parade found a nice square with beautiful fontain. Next to it black people were dancing RnB and performing for crowd. OMG! I love black people dancing. Drive, passion, motion...

Gay parade

I caught it in Bastille. Stage, really good music and many funny looking people.Some funny, some hm....too open?

For several minutes I felt myself strange,surrounded by gays and drunk people, but then the music led me. Step, step, step, then hand, hand, hand, spinning body.jej!

At last the introduction of gay groups. OMG, the cars, people, music, photos...

In a word, that was real drive! Loved it, loved it, loved it!

Then just went home to take shower before going to meet Veera on metro stop.
The world is mine!

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