Saturday, 17 July 2010

20th June. Day 6

Drinking tea from whiskey glasses and coffee from the ones for beer, the breakfast was easy and healthy:)

Decided to go to the picnic organized by CS member, who was leaving. That is funny thing - going to meet a person none of 3 of us has ever seen before, just Daniel knew her friend. Party crushers, I guess this is how it is called?

On the way to picnic we had chance to visit exhibition of solar power. Summer houses, cooking, water filters...that was interesting. Besides, we had a chance to play some table football (or whatsoever it is called:))

It took us 2 hours to walk to picnic, and we spent there like 30-45 minutes:) But it was nice. different people from different countries. One guy amazed me. He has been studying Russian for 8 months, just him and computer, and he understood it almost perfectly! Just had language barrier in speaking which s quite understanding. 3 hours a day...OMG! Danielito, how I call my best host and whom I consider a good friend now, had the same studying Spanish, so I am inspired nowadays in starting to study spanish!
After picnic we went to the park Retiro, to have our own picnic, without food or drinks though as we left them:)But our own picnic was much better! Lying down in the blanket, looking on sky and guessing the shape of clouds, a weird guy on drugs perfoming and throwing coins to the crowd, really artistic one. Without knowing spanish I could understand his feelings.However, quite sure he took some drugs.

Footage (Irish dance, shooted by Daniel on the music of Veera, performed poorly by me:)), and another one called "the robots" to the music of cross lights.

In the evening ate smoked pizza:) Daniel, Miguel, Veera and me enjoyed the movie "Into the wild". Breathtaking views of nature, amazing play of actor...lots of laughter and ticklishing with Danielito, plans about foundation university of Ticklishing:) and a great memorable pleasant amazing honest sincere conversation at night till 6 a.m with sharing life experience and views on everything with Daniel.

I never met before people like him- sincere,responsive, always ready to help, intelligent, with a good sense of humor, kind, with widely opened to the world eyes, super active in life with vast variety of activities, and no matter what he is talking about- baking, finance, travelling around the world, - I was ready to hear hours and hours:)

Some people can give you energy for the whole day. For instance, Ainur:)
And some people can charge with enthusiasm. Like Daniel. He was the first to show me how little you need to be happy, to travel, to have fun.

Was really disappinted to say him "Good bye", and when he left I felt empty, like a piece of joy and kindness has left, but am sure we will meet again, in Spain, Germany, Poland, Finland or anywhere in the world.

And a long trip was ahead- going to visit my superman's and Veera's cousin in Teruel.

So, a long trip ahead. Train and view out of window. Scratchy trees and abandined houses with rusty roofs. Tunnel, tunnel, tunnel, mountains. Grass, faded and lost its color on the sun. Smell of cherries. I try to get colors inside of me, like sponge. They change from yellow and earthy to bricky-red and all shades of green. I love people so much.It is not fashionable to love people nowadays. It is fashionable to write about hatred, about how strong and independent one is, insisting that strong people don't cry


While being in Madrid we said to some people we are going to Teruel,and not everyone knew where it is:) There is even a phrase "TERUEL EXISTS", and everyone was amazed why we go there.
However, Teruel is small city, but charming one. He greeted us with a cool half-day and cold at night. Sasha treated us with great food in´comfy bar: potatoes, ham with bread, lamb, wine. Coffee and pancakes with lots of chocolate for desert. Small talks.
Teruel is small, but perfectly safe city with 30000 inhabitants and lots of imigrants from Romania and Marocco. 3 main squares, not so many people outside. From antique bridge appears a nice view to the bridge on the opposite made of glass and roofs of houses spaced chaotically. Park though not big, but nice. In the park some nights they show movies outside, and everyone an come with chair, blanket, thermos with tea or hot chocolate and enjoy chilly weather and good movie outside. Especially I liked the monument with tiny bull, which shows how humble people of Teruel are.Teruel doesn't just exist, it rocks!

The world is mine!

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