Saturday, 17 July 2010

18th June. Day 4

So far so good, and the meeting with our first host and the best one.

So Madrid. Left luggage in locker room and went to the center. Madrid is a beautiful city. Many people, everyone is in hurry, but many have a second to smile to you:)
Walked in the Sol, Plaza de Mayor and other touristic places, but unfortunately no photos as my camera's battery died:( But still got images in my head.

Left a request as a last minute in the group, the message "Hi Yevgeniya,
I've just stumbled upon yr post on the Madrid last minute group.
I'm pretty sure I could host you for 2 night...but need to check with my flatmates to say wait for them to get home i can i ask them :)
Will get back to u as soon as i find out.
p.s be aware i've been living in Madrid for a week so far, so i won't be much of a guide to you...
Daniel" made me just soooo happy!

I was really excited, the first host, how to behave, what to do? how to be a good serfer?

At time agreed we have got to Aalto de Extremadura and smiley cheerful guy came to us. And that is how it started:) Talking, laughing, jokes...To be with him was so easy that although my excitement had place I found an answer in my head how to be a good serfer- just being myself!
His roommates were really nice too! Unfortunately, one didn´t speak English so well:( But Miguel did, and although it was his first CS experience, he was really nice and friendly. And really relaxed guy:)

We took a bottle of wine and were drinking it while walking, walking to the meeting place with CS members, making quick stopovers for pictures. The meeting itself was great as well! People from CS from different parts of the world: smart girl from China, several from Madrid, Daniel himself being originally from Poland:), 1 american guy asking me about Borat:) and a really funny person from Brazil,who unfortunately didnt speak english much, but that was not an obstacle for us dancing and having fun. Tapas and beer in one bar, more beer and music in another...The meeting went really well!

The world is mine!

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