Wednesday, 21 July 2010

15th July. Day 31

Waking up was never my cup of tea:) That is why in the morning I had a little bit of headache, but quite ok mood. Unfortunately, I couldn't say "Good bye" to Kenneth as he was sleeping:(

By train we went to Stockholm. Our plans again crushed. Trains were full, impossible to get without reservation. We wanted to go straight, but had to stay in Stockholm for night. Freaking uncomfortable chairs,impossible to sleep and to sit even. 1 hour until we arrive and I had a feeling I will go crazy. Wanted to cry,to laugh, to shout, to blaim, but actually just to sleep. In Copenhagen train station I took addresses of some hostels, so was thinking to go there or to stay somewhere to save money.

So we went to the first hostel in the list -##### HOSTEL. OMG, have so great memories with that:) ¨

So we went to the hostel. The door was locked, but some guy downstairs pressed some buttons in the code locker and - seasam,open!

no stuff, no cleaner, no anyone working in the hostel! Just stairs, leading to small area, computers with leather chairs and many doors with code lockers:) No matter how much we wanted to pay for hostel, it was smply impossible. Some latin guy came from running and went to shower. We and our huge backpacks didn't fit that well:) But well, we used oportunity and surfed internet searching for hostel. Incredible! In ##### no places, many other hostels have to be reserved 1 day at least before arriving, others are expensive, then go hostels....

2 funny guys, Jessy and Pete, from Australia totally made our evening:) all the time we talked, we were laughing:) Jessy tried his luck to find us hostel, but got the same result as me. But at that time it just seemed to be funny. He even googled "can i sleep in tain station", and what do you think? There is page saying it is not permitted:) haha! We could walk around city, but Jessy said:
-There is luggage room, but I dunno how to open it.

He took us to the door, i touched key well, jerked a door handle.closed. Latin guy, Pedro, was looking at us with curiosity.

-what are you doing?
-trying to open door. do you know how to open it?
-yes. just open.

I pressed it harder, and it opened:)i know I looked dummie:) It was small room with square table and some machinery apparatus doing loud sound "brrrrrrrr....grrrr...."

Pete and Veera had the same idea:) he whispered to her as soon as we opened luggage room "You know, you could actually sleep there".

There was a backpack in the luggage room. apparently, Pedro also didn't have place to stay and, as we, came illegally:) we were marvelled by his behavior- being there, without room, going to run, taking shower!

Long story short- we left our stuff and went out with Pedro to local bar with french name:) He treated us wine, coctail, beer. After drinking we went to 7-11, where I had hot dog (MMM...Miss 7-11 in VA and Seoul, so it is nostalgic place for me) and everyone got slushes from Pedro.

We walked, we talked, he told us beautiful love story, which was splendid! On the way back to hostel we passed through scottish bar, which took our attention with its signboard (enjoy it on photo)
Pedro motivated me and I anyway took shower:) and after shower, clean, tired, but full of nice experience, went to sleep. To the luggage room. On the table. In pose of embrion. At 4 a.m.

that was a good nite:)
The world is mine!

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